Gift Guide: Electronics

Holiday shoppers with gadget nuts on their list will find plenty of selection this year. The Internet-of-Things has brought us new toys for kids of all ages! Amazon's Electronics Gift Guide We found a great new trend in electronics: Cubes. Stylish yet useful blocks are popping up all over. Find a cube for sound, light... …


Doorbuster Deals: Version 2018

Let the deals begin! This year retailers are rolling out bargains sooner than ever. There are also many preview sales available to loyalty program members. Our advice is stay home, relax and take advantage of the deals available online! Amazon Black Friday Deals

The Kindle Turns 10

Amazon's venerable e-reader was released ten years ago today. Techcrunch takes a look back at the Amazon Kindle. Ten years ago this week, Amazon released the first Kindle. It was big and clunky and kind of ugly, with an awkward physical keyboard and 250 MB of on-board storage. It sold out in less than six …

Mags for the Holidays

Everybody likes a good magazine. Enjoy the holidays or share the joy with these special deals on your favorite titles. Check out these selected titles- all at super savings. Or shop this weekend for great titles at $1 an issue: The. Big. Stock-Up. Roll With It The Dwell Deal Motor Trend

A $20 Security Cam

When the Nest Cam — or the Dropcam, as it was known back then — was first introduced, it was something of a game changer. A security camera that just… worked. Plug it in, get it on WiFi, and you’re set. Nowadays, the Nest Cam stands in a more crowded arena. Logitech, Netgear, Samsung, and… via …

E is the New Black

Porsche appears to have Tesla in its crosshairs. Ignore the exhaust tips on the back. Those are just to throw off casual onlookers. According to our friends at Autoblog, there’s a good chance this is the electric car Porsche hopes to throw down against Tesla. Called Mission E in previous concepts, Porsche has talked about …

Google’s Free Mini Offer

Buyers of the new Pixel 2 smartphones will be getting a free Mini smart speaker to round out their connected home. The bundle serves to leverage the advantage Google has over Amazon's speaker-only offerings. Today’s Google event was a non-stop two hour deluge of Assistant news. Yet one small, overlooked announcement may have been the …

Echo Offer

For a limited time Amazon is offering a special discount on their Echo Dot AI speaker. Buy any 3 and save $20. You'll need to use this promo code at checkout: DOT3PACK Then pretty soon you can wander your home and say: Is there an echo in here?