Mozy Introduces Stash File Sync

Online computer backups and file sync come together with Mozy Stash.

The idea is a file on your computer is safely stored in the cloud and immediately accessible from mobile devices and any other computers you have configured for Stash. So a file at work is available at home.

Backup + Sync Together

According to Mozy’s press release:

Stash is a file synchronization feature that complements Mozy online backup and provides Mozy users a simple way to keep their most active data up to date across multiple computers. It’s also a dedicated space online, so as soon as you place a file in your local Stash folder, it quickly becomes available online as well. No need to wait for a backup or hit an upload button. Start a spreadsheet at work, hit save, and continue working on it at home without needing to transfer the file.

The advantages are obvious for busy road warriors or power users needing to have 24/7 access to important files. But casual users will find the service helpful for music or images.

Current MozyHome users can add the Stash feature now by logging into their account. A link to the Stash Beta appears in the main navigation along the left. New users can sign up for a free 2GB MozyHome account.

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