The Beauty of a Simple Wheel

I’m not a big fan of the current trend in aftermarket wheels. Browse through any recent Tire Rack catalog and you’ll see what I mean. Huge. Chunky. Shiny.

The new “Rivage” wheel from TSW is a welcome exception.

It features a clean, balanced five-spoke design. Simple. Bold. Uncluttered.

This is more like it.According to TSW’s press release…

The Rivage wheel is inspired by the hilly and twisty racetrack, Spa Francorchamps, site of the Belgian Grand Prix. Spa is a favorite circuit of many Grand Prix drivers and fans, just as the Rivage wheel is sure to be a favorite among automobile aficionados looking for that special wheel to add the final touch to their vehicle.

The Rivage is available either silver and black in diameters from 17″ to 20″ in offsets of 20mm to 53mm. The clean look of this wheel should make it a hit with classic car owners as well as drivers of more modern machinery.

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