Slide: Keys of the Future

Keychain 2.0

Let’s face it. Keys are not sexy. Things to carry keys are usually not either.

The folks at want to change that. 

Their product is called the Slide and it can store up to six keys in a spiffy little stainless steel case.

To use a key you just slide it, as the name implies. In addition to keys you can add accessories like the flashlight (below). Little color-coded buttons hold each key in place and a gentle press releases it. You have six slots to play with- though some keys will require an RFID chip which burns a slot.

Your new Slide arrives in a handsome metal tin with instructions, your blank blades and any additional inserts you requested or require. If your car or bike has a fancy high security key system you may need a “chip” blade. Some chips can be programmed using a series of mystic turning-on-and-off rituals.

There’s nothing complicated about the programming, but be prepared for repeating the process several times.

As you might imagine, ordering keys over the Internet is a little weird. To make it easy Keyport provides a template for you to spread out all your keys you want in your Slide. Jot down what they fit, then snap a picture. Finally you upload the photos to their website so they can get you the correct blanks- or “blades” as they call them. You’ll also want to take the blades to a locksmith- the neighborhood home improvement store was befuddled by the funny looking blanks.

But be patient- the end result is a compact, techie little package. A special serial number is printed on the Slide so it can find its owner in case it’s lost. And maybe best of all- it’s made in the USA!

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