Cash in Unwanted Gifts


Not the gadget you wanted for Christmas?

Maybe Aunt Peggy didn’t realize you already have an iPad? Not to worry, there’s an easy way to cash in those unwanted electronics.

Instant Sale on eBay is a tool to get cash for your smartphone, laptop, iPod, GPS and other electronic devices. Even if they’re not working!

eBay Instant SaleYou provide a description of the item and its condition and eBay gives you a potential price it will pay. If that’s acceptable you print off a shipping label and send it in. In a few days your Paypal account should see a deposit.

How does it work?
Back in 2010 some eBay employees hatched a concept they called “Resell, Reuse, Recycle.” eBay partnered with AllTechWholesale and in February 2011 the program was rolled out as Instant Sale.

AllTechWholesale purchases your items and then resells them on eBay. Their specialty is “previously loved electronics” so the whole plan makes sense.

For you there is no fuss, little risk and it’s nearly painless. The best part is you can get a quote for your cast off gadgets in less than a minute. And the cash usually arrives within five days.

So now you can shop for that Bluetooth crock pot you really wanted!


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