Battery Chargers from the 21st Century

This time of year is hard on batteries. 

New technology has made car, truck, RV, motorcycle, ATV and snowmobile batteries more reliable and much easier to maintain. But the cold months of winter will inevitably reduce the cranking amps of any type of battery- gel, AGM, Li-Ion, etc.

Fortunately battery charger technology has kept pace with all these new-fangled batteries. But the wrong charger will kill a high dollar battery in a matter of minutes. Inexpensive float chargers are only suitable for your old school lead-acid battery.

Some of the coolest chargers we’ve found come from NOCO. Their NOCO G3500 Genius Battery Charger and Maintainer is a seven step charger perfect for most motorcycle and ATV applications. It can recharge most any powersports battery quickly, and maintain full-sized car, truck and RV batteries.

And believe it or not it’s made in the USA. In addition to the G3500 they offer a slew of products for most any size, shape or quantity of batteries. Onboard chargers, marine use, you name it. Their full line of chargers are well built units- waterproof and rugged.

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