You’ve Got the Power

Car chargers leave you feeling flat?

over9000 Compact 2.1 Amp USB Car Power Adapter

Most generic USB chargers that plug into a cigarette lighter outlet put out a measly half an amp. The over9000 compact USB charger provides up to 2.1 amp output! Of course your device will only draw the power it needs to charge properly- so use it for everything. You can safely connect any 5 volt chargeable device to this USB adapter.

  • Charge your mobile device in your car with this adapter
  • Works with your own USB cable
  • Ultra low profile design with easy pull handle
  • Built in smart chip spoofs a data line connection for devices that do not allow 3rd party chargers
  • Smart Chip monitors both the charger and connected device for safe charging
  • Front power switch with blue LED
  • DC input: 12v
  • DC output: 5v @ 2.1 amps – can temporarily spike to 3.0 amps
  • Compatibility: Standard size USB port for charging smartphones (iPhone & Android!), tablets, mobile phones, cameras, mp3 players, and various other USB chargeable devices

It really is the ultimate USB power adapter!

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