Alternative Plans for Smartphone Users

Tired of dropping a hundred bucks a month to stay connected?

Logo for NET10You’re not alone. Millions of mobile users are looking for relief from the monthly heart attack prompted by their AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile bill.

One of the best pay-as-you-go alternatives is NET10. The name originates from their 10¢ a minute wireless network rate. Today they also offer monthly plans that provide unlimited talk, text and data. You can buy a phone from them or use your own, and there is no contract or term whatsoever. Often you’ll find yourself on the exact same network you’ve been paying twice as much for!

Unlimited Talk, Text and Web for just $45/month
NET10 offers a number of iPhone and Android smartphones you can buy and pay as you go. Their monthly service card costs $50. But you save $5 if you purchase it online or sign up for their Auto Refill program. The one gotcha’ is their definition of “unlimited” as applied to data equals 1.5 gig per month.

Bring Your Own Phone
Another option is to purchase a SIM (subscriber information module) card from NET10 to use in your phone. This is a great option if you own a phone that is unlocked- or if it is an AT&T or T-Mobile phone. You swap out your SIM card for theirs and charge it up with a monthly service aircard. Once again- you’re paying just $45 a month.

Need a micro SIM for an AT&T phone?

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