Skully: Heads-Up Helmet

If you were wondering when Google would get around to reinventing the motorcycle helmet- well, you’re too late.

Thanks to an enterprising man named Marcus Weller the idea of a two-wheeled version of Google Glass may soon be a reality. In fact, if you hurry you can sign on as a beta tester!

Prototype of the Skully P-1

Inspired by a dream Weller envisioned a helmet that could have spared him from a crash in Barcelona, Spain. In the dream the helmet had an on-board GPS which guided him through the twisting streets of the Spanish city. Unlike most of us, he acted on the dream and filed a provisional patent.

The Skully P-1 is a full-face helmet with Android-powered voice control, heads-up display, turn-by-turn directions, rear view camera and Bluetooth connectivity.  The helmets are designed and assembled in Redwood City, California and plans call for retail units to ship by Summer 2014.

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