Long Live the Industrial Look

Shipping Envelope - Packing List EnclosedStainless steel is so last week. Or is it?

They say the grunge look is dead but hipsters everywhere are discovering unique accents for the home can still be sourced from unusual places. Vendors like Global Industrial offer thousands of products intended for the warehouses and offices of the world. But tons of these items also look great in your modern home. Add a pop of industrial!

Easy Adjust Boltless Shelf Truck With Laminate ShelvesRepurposing commercial items for home decor is nothing new. Ikea built an entire empire on that basic idea. You get high-grade quality that will never wear out in normal domestic use, plus a unique look.

Of course it’s not for everyone. A refurbed warehouse or loft space will benefit from this treatment more so than a quaint bungalow.


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