Go What?

Gogoro Smartscooter

In January an unknown company debuted an electric scooter. But they didn’t travel to Milan or Frankfort— they rolled it out at CES, the Consumer Electronic Show.

That makes sense because the Gogoro Smartscooter is part gadget, part transportation and part fashion. You could call it the Tesla of scooters. But the most unique feature of this electric vehicle (EV) is the fact you don’t charge it. Gogoro has worked out a clever system of battery swapping instead.

Working with Panasonic they have devised a system that allows the rider to swap a battery in a mere 6 seconds. You exchange your depleted pile for a fresh one, leaving yours in the machine to recharge for the next Gogoro-ist.

To learn more visit www.gogoro.com

Source: Places 2 Ride

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