Little Leviathan, Big Sound

New mini Razer offers 24 watts of great sound.

The small boombox is based on the Leviathan soundbar– minus the separate sub-woofer. But you can still fill a room with music. A Combo Play feature allows a second Leviathan Mini to be daisy-chained for even more awesome sound!

Specs include Bluetooth 4 technology, which claims easy pairing up to 30 feet away. The Razer Mini Leviathan is powered by a 2600 mAH lithium-ion battery that promises up to 10 hours of nonstop music. The simple box also doubles as a speakerphone. But unlike most speaker combos, the Razer uses a noise-cancelling mic so callers can actually hear you. Imagine… a speakerphone that’s actually useful.

Razer Leviathan Mini