Wireless On the Cheap

For many years Tracfone has been one of the leaders in pay-as-you-go wireless. You can get basic mobile phone service for as little as $6* per month.

And now you can even bring your own phone (BYOP) in certain markets!

BYOP means you can use a mobile phone or smartphone you already own with the convenience of no contracts. You simply purchase a SIM card kit from Tracfone and activate it with your compatible device.

Is there a catch? Not really. But we do suggest you research the cell coverage in your area to determine which network works best. Since Tracfone is a “reseller” of wireless bandwidth, the SIM card kit you purchase might be from Verizon or AT&T or T-Mobile. Ask friends or family which network might work best for you.

* The $6 a Month Trick
If you don’t use a lot of minutes this technique can keep your phone active for the least possible expenditure. The trick is to renew your airtime online, not via the phone or through the handset.

Go to Tracfone’s website (www.tracfone.com) and choose Buy Airtime. Choose the 30 minute airtime card (it’s the least expensive). You’ll need to enter your phone number to proceed then click Continue to Checkout. Now here’s the trick! You’ll be prompted to add 365 days of service for $49.99.

Add 365 days of Tracfone service!

Your total will be $59.98 for a full year of cell phone service. That’s less than $6 a month!