Roku Travel Tips

Ever tried to connect your Roku to a hotel or dorm WiFi and failed miserably?
Well prepare to be amazed!

A feature called Hotel & Dorm Connect is now available in Roku OS 7.0 for almost all Roku streaming players and TVs. This new feature does not work on Roku 1 or SE models, or any Roku shipped prior to 2011.

You’ll need a functional Roku, the Roku remote, power supply and an HDMI cable. The player has to be set up before you travel to ensure you have OS 7.0. In other words, don’t buy one on the way to the airport!

Once you arrive at your destination and hook up your Roku player, follow the below instructions:

Step 1: Go to Settings>Network>Wireless >Set up new wireless connection

Step 2: Locate your wireless network from the list of available networks.

After selecting your network, you’ll see 2 green checks, and one red X next to “…the Internet”.

Step 4: After you see the red “X”, the Hotel & Dorm Connect dialog box will appear.
Select “I am at a hotel or college dorm”.

Step 5: On your TV, you’ll see a screen with instructions for you to follow using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Step 6: From your smartphone, tablet or laptop, go to wireless settings and select the wireless network in step 2 on your TV screen.
(Screens below are shown on a Samsung Galaxy S6. Your screens may vary.)

Step 7: Enter the password located in step 5 on your TV screen.

Step 8: After you enter the password and press “connect”, open up a web browser and enter the required information.
This information may be a room number, password, name or action that needs to be taken by the user.


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