The Art of Bicycle Storage

Cycloc Solo and Moto GuzziWhen does an item of utility transform itself into art? Maybe when you hang a vintage bicycle on the wall. But the Cycloc Solo might be considered art with or without a bicycle attached.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Solo has received a number of awards for its ingenious design and eco-friendly materials. Available in seven colors it’s a match for almost any decor. And now you can snag one for nearly half off retail!

Once mounted on the wall you simply store your bike with a slight twist. Depending on frame design storage in a vertical or horizontal position is possible. The Solo also provides storage for gear and holes for locking.

What They Say:
The Cycloc Solo is an elegant and effortless cycle storage solution for home, office or retail display. It lets you store your bike fast and fuss-free, horizontally or vertically. The unique frame design also provides a convenient shelf for accessory storage.

  • Secure 3-point concealed wall fixing.
  • Rotates to suit different frame angles.
  • Rubber contact points protect frame.
  • Optional spacer included to accommodate wide bars.
  • Convenient storage for accessories.
  • Bike can be locked in place.