Cooler Worklights

A new generation of lighting has taken over the workshop. The days of white-hot halogen work lamps are numbered. LED lamps are now affordable!

LED work light produces 7,000 lumens!

For years the 500 watt T3 halogen bulb has been the heart of worklights. But the heat produced by these monsters can burn skin and melt nearby work surfaces. Handling these glass tube bulbs is also tricky. If your bare hand touches any part of the bulb during replacement it can cause the bulb to fail prematurely… or even explode!

Now you can even convert your current halogen work lamp to a more efficient LED R7 bulb. Drawing only 10 watts of power these bulbs produce 1000 lumens of light. That’s admittedly a lot less output than the 500 watt halogen bulbs–but the LEDs run cool and will never explode!

Conversion kits are also available. These offer higher light output. The kit will include a DC transformer, LED bulb and holding fixture. But unless you’re pretty handy around electricity, it’s probably more economical to replace those old halogen lights.


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