Cartwheel. Like a Boss!

Target’s popular coupon app Cartwheel has been saving shoppers money since it was introduced in 2013. If you’re not a fan of clipping, storing or keeping track of coupons— but like to save money— maybe Cartwheel is for you.

Coupons are saved to your own personal list and retrieved using your own personalized barcode. You can load coupons by browsing deals in the app or from the web. Or you scan products as you shop with the app’s handy UPC scanner feature. When it’s time to check out the app provides a personalized barcode the cashier scans to load your coupons.

Here’s how to make the most of it.

First off you’ll need to install the app on your smartphone. Cartwheel is available for Android and iOS devices.

Save with Cartwheel for Android – Sign Up Now

Save with Cartwheel for Apple – Sign Up Now

Once installed you’ll need to set up or sign in to your Target account.

Now browse for deals. If you’re not comfortable shopping from your phone you can also view Cartwheel deals from your computer. This is especially handy if your data plan is skimpy.

When it’s time to checkout just remember to open the app and present the barcode screen to the cashier. If using self checkout use the handheld scanner- just be sure to scan at least one product first!

One of Cartwheel’s coolest features is the built-in UPC scanner. Scan your items as you shop to find all the deals!

Don’t overlook Target’s house brands. Almost all Up & Up products have a deal for 5% off.

Your list can include up to twenty offers, but only six deals can be used per day.

Cartwheel deals can be combined with some paper coupons.

Use the app’s “share” option to copy a link to your list to an email, Notes or Google Drive.

You can also print out a copy of your barcode from home and always bring it along.

So there you have it. After using Cartwheel for a while you’ll notice a running total of your savings. The app has more features like badges and social sharing you might enjoy but won’t save you any more money. Now you’re just an app download away from saving big on your next Target run.

Happy shopping!

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