Wi-Fi Hot Tomato

Shopping for a router?
I suggest you start your quest at an unlikely place. It’s called Advanced Tomato and it’s the home of a wonderful open source firmware for routers. There are a number of open source firmware options available– DD-WRT, is probably the best known. Tomato is another, and Advanced Tomato is a sleek interface that improves the look and feel beyond OEM standards.

Buying a router that supports one of these open source firmware offerings means you can add a slew of powerful tools and options to your new toy. Bridge mode, advanced traffic monitoring, MAC spoofing, and many more features are part of the package. It’s also a great way to bypass the annoying cloud accounts so many manufacturers are pushing users toward.

A few of the more popular routers supported by Advanced Tomato include the affordable Linksys EA2500, Asus RT-AC68U or the futuristic-looking Netgear R-7000 Nighthawk. For a complete list and more details refer to the downloads page at Advanced Tomato.

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