Smart Thermostats Getting Smarter

The bar has been raised. Again.

But this time it’s the new kid on the block— and the bar was raised a lot. Thermostat newcomer Ecobee has been catching up to the venerable Nest over the last few years. But they recently upended the game with their latest offering, the Ecobee4.

Clones of the popular Nest abound. But most, like this Honeywell Lyric, don’t offer the features or value of the original. Not so with the smart offerings from Ecobee!

Features like remote temperature sensors, well designed mobile apps for Android and iOS, and open support for IFTTT and Smart Things have made Ecobee one of the leaders in the Smart Home revolution. And now their Ecobee4 seals the deal.

Offering an integrated Alexa home assistant makes the new Ecobee a multi-use accessory that sounds as good as it looks. Instead of just incorporating support for Alexa commands the new Ecobee actually contains an Alexa inside. It’s like having an Echo Dot on the wall next to your thermostat!

All this at a price on par with the Nest offering. And if that’s too much coin consider the Ecobee3 Lite for about $80 less!

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