The Cordless Phone is Not Dead

Does an incoming call send you scrambling to find your mobile phone?

You are not alone.

The landline may be dead, but the convenience of cordless home phone handsets should not be overlooked.

Cordless phones can now be linked to your mobile so incoming calls can be answered from anywhere in the house. They also offer text message announcement, quick and easy conferencing and a handy intercom.

Units like the Panasonic KX-TG7875S feature Link2Cell technology that syncs with your cell phone’s Bluetooth so you can make and receive calls from any of the cordless handsets. If you do happen to have a landline the built-in answering machine is also handy.

Calls to your mobile will ring simultaneously on your cell phone and the cordless handsets. Answer from any of them. Unanswered mobile calls will go continue to go to your voicemail as always. Text messages can be set to announce over the cordless handsets. Even the sender’s name can be spoken!

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