Ecocapsule for Off-Grid Living

Take one capsule and relax.

A Slovakian company has begun production of a mobile microhome called the Ecocapsule. Shortlisted for a Lexus Design Award in 2015, the initial production run will be limited to 50 units intended for the US and EU markets.

The self-contained tiny home comes with integrated solar panels and a retractable wind turbine, charging a 10kWh battery which powers the LED lighting, heating/cooling, induction cooktop and optional mini fridge. A rainwater collection/filtration system and composting toilet completes the off-the-grid living experience.

Construction of the pod is based on an aluminum framework covered with  insulated fiberglass. Dry weight is 2976 pounds, with trailer and full water tanks the weight climbs to 4409 pounds. Two can sleep in the Ecocapsule, though it will definitely be a little crowded, considering the interior is less than 70 square feet.

Initial pricing for the first run of fifty is €79,900 (approximately $98,000.00). If that sounds a little steep you can reserve one from the next production run, for a €300 deposit. Ecocapsule promises the Mk II version will be less expensive due to production scaling and sourcing efficiencies.

To be one of the first fifty proud Ecocapsule owners visit to place your €2000 deposit.

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