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Rugged Mounting Solutions for your Mobile Devices

Let’s face it: outdoor activities are more fun when you bring your phone along! Music, GPS, fitness trackers or camera… they all can enhance the experience.

Just a few years ago the only options to mount your smartphone on the go involved cradles or rubber straps. While some were quite good (like the iBolt mPro) most were best suited as fodder for an impulse purchase at a truck stop checkout. Today new designs are changing the way we can carry along our mobile devices.

We searched for phone mounting systems that could securely attach our smartphone to our bicycle, motorcycle, car– even our body. Here are some of the best ones we found.

Wicked Chili offers a simple and affordable system that uses a special case and attachment straps. If you need a simple solution for occasional cycling, this might be a great choice. Optional weatherproof covers are also available if you own an iPhone.

We also liked the Vibrelli cycle mount. It’s a universal fit design using a combination of car-style clamp and rubber straps. Not great if you’re in a hurry, but the added security is nice.

The Quad Lock system is designed in Australia and uses a case-plus-mount design. The special phone case has a “receiver” that engages the Quad Lock adapter and locks in place with a quarter-turn. It’s well built and the simple twist/click operation is almost foolproof.

Cases are currently available for most iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones. But a universal adapter is also available for iPad, Pixel or LG owners.

Rokform offers a similar solution with a magnetic twist. These products are made in the US and come in a variety of materials-including aluminum and carbon fiber. We also found coverage for a wider variety of devices, for example the Google Pixel. While there are plenty of paranoid claims about magnets damaging your phone, there is no evidence we could find to back it up.

Have you found a great solution we overlooked? We want to hear about it! Give us some details in the comment or contact us.

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