SF Motors Shakes Up the EV Landscape

Chinese-based SF Motors recently unveiled two new electric vehicles they hope to have on the market by 2019. The SF5 and SF7 each features proprietary battery technology with a claimed range over 300 miles.

Officials touted a system dubbed “protective autonomy” which includes sensors and ranging technology to drive “with little input from humans,” according to chief technology officer Yifan Tang. The company said its human interface uses AI to adapt to the user’s driving style. These systems are already being tested on public roads in China, California and Michigan and should hit the mainstream market in 2020.

EV makers are accelerating forward, despite recent glitches with self-driving cars, low oil prices and expiring tax credits for EVs in the US.

CEO and founder John Zhang recalled the first time he drove an electric car, “It’s better than any sports car I’ve ever driven. It was beautiful. It changed my life.”

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