#VanLife: It’s a Thing

Life on the road isn’t just for retirees.

Millennials are scarfing up the idea of of living on wheels in greater and greater numbers. So much, in fact,  automakers are taking notice. New models from Winnebago and Nissan hope to appeal to a younger set with features like pop-tops and RV amenities, channeling the iconic VW Westfalia of the Sixties.

But the new crop of live-drive vehicles are taking things a step further. For example, the Nissan e-NV200 is an all-electric with 170 miles range on a single charge. Conversely, the Ultimate E350 4×4 conversion van from Expo Vans carries up to 55 gallons of fuel.

Life on the road never had it so good.

How the #VanLife Movement is Influencing Car Design


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