It’s the Swiss Army Knife for Audio

Live recording, translation and text-to-speech in one handy gadget?
Yes, please!

Recordings are kept on the phone (no on-board memory, alas) and there’s an option for a cloud service, but that probably won’t be necessary, considering the compact size of these audio files. If you’re paranoid about security, this probably isn’t your jam, but for everyday stuff it should be just fine. (Data will never be used for commercial purposes or sold to third parties, the creators said, only for helping train a user-specific language model. You don’t need an account, and they’re GDPR compliant.)

If you want to translate a conversation with someone whose language you don’t speak, you pick two of the 12 built-in languages in the app and then either pass the gadget back and forth or let it sit between you while you talk. The transcript will show on the phone and the ONE Mini can bleat out the translation in its little robotic voice.

Source: This little translator gadget could be a traveling reporter’s best friend