Legoland Goes Upside Down

Okay, we really did think this one was a joke. If it had been April 1 it probably wouldn’t have merited investigation. Alas, it’s true– Lego has released a play set based on Stranger Things.


Netflix’s Stranger Things already has a number of unusual if appropriate tie-ins, but this latest might top them all if you’re a die-hard fan. Lego is releasing a 2,287-piece Stranger Things set that recreates both the Byers’ home and its Upside Down equivalent in uncanny-if-blocky detail, including eight of the core characters. There are plenty of little touches — you’ll see functioning Christmas lights in the Byers’ living room, while Eleven can travel with an Eggo waffle in hand.

Source: Lego dives into the Upside Down with a ‘Stranger Things’ play set