More Perks for Audi Owners

These days frequent travelers often avoid the rental car counter. Rideshare and parking woes are the most common reasons given. But for some the angst of “learning” an unknown car can be a turn-off. Not to mention the grab bag selection process most rental agencies offer.

Silvercar by AudiAudi wants to ease the stress.

Their rental service called Silvercar only offers (you guessed it) late-model Audis. Offering premium features you typically pay extra for, Silvercar is popular for several reasons. Now the service has been expanded and Audi owners can now take advantage of free rental offers.

Audi of America COO Cian O’Brien said the program “will make it easy [for customers] to drive the Audi [they] love — or experience other vehicles in the fleet — even when [they’re] away from home.” Say, when they’re visiting another state for a business trip or for a weekend away without bringing their own car with them.

The company acquired the app-based premium car rental service in 2017. It recently added the Q7 SUV to the options Silvercar customers can choose from, along with the Audi A4, A5 Cabriolet and Q5 SUV. In addition, the service introduced a delivery and pick up option for select areas. While its availability is still pretty limited, the service expanded to 26 locations in the US over the past year, giving Always Audi participants more chances to use up their free days.

Source: ‘Always Audi’ program gives new customers free Silvercar rental days