Wireless Charging for Motorcycles

The proof is in the patent.

It appears that BMW is hoping to offer wireless charging for it’s all-electric motorcycles.

Wireless charging isn’t a new concept, not for gadgets like smartphones and definitely not for BMW. In 2018, the Bavarians launched an automotive wireless charging system compatible with some of its plug-in hybrid and electric models. The technology was meant to eliminate the need for cumbersome cables. Despite the company’s good intentions, the system was convenient enough but unfortunately inefficient at charging the vehicles. A recently-published patent shows that BMW hasn’t given up on the idea yet and, that this time, it has electric motorcycles on its mind.  

The technology BMW developed for its cars involved a charging pad placed on the ground that required the driver to position the car on top of it. There was no direct contact between the vehicle and the charging device which contributed to its lack of efficiency. 

This European patent published in November 2019 shows that the company is going about the whole wireless charging thing a little differently this time around. The concept described in the patent uses a charging pad placed on the ground like in the previous iteration. However, instead of the vehicle hovering over it, the pad is meant to be used as a sort of kick stand puck for the electric motorcycle or scooter.


Source: BMW Is Looking Into Wireless Charging For Electric Bikes