Hummer Going Green?

No, that’s not an ironic joke.

Several sources are reporting that GM will revive the Hummer marque with an all-electric pickup for the 2022 model year.

GM’s choice to shutter the brand in the wake of bankruptcy and restructuring back in 2010 was met with resistance from franchise holders. At the time, Hummer’s image of gas-guzzling excess ran afoul of GM’s goals to produce affordable hybrid and electric vehicles for the masses. 

GM wanted the Chevrolet Volt to be the public face of its future, rather than a V8-powered SUV.

Unconfirmed rumors of Hummer’s return have been circulating for quite some time. In June of last year, rumblings of an all-electric revival made headlines when GM president Mark Reuss professed his love for the discontinued brand

Source: Hummer will return as an EV nameplate in 2022