Changing Look of Nissan

The design of upcoming Nissans might be very different. But that’s assuming the company survives their current sales slump.

In the electrified era automakers are making huge gambles which rely on new infrastructure and a smart grid. Competing for consumer’s trust will require a competitive edge— and not just technology. The overall aesthetic is being described as “more Japanese.”

The emergence of the Japanese middle class is the part Albaisa really wants to key in on, though. Nissan/Datsun aggressively went after this segment in that era (1950s-1960s), with the halo result of it all being the birth of the Z car, the 240Z. Nissan was democratizing the sports car at that time, and the gorgeous coupe is still revered by enthusiasts today. However, Honda and Toyota have since emerged as the Japanese brands to beat in this segment, leaving Nissan wondering where it went wrong.

So, there’s a solution here, right? Albaisa points to the Ariya Concept as the new direction for Nissan design in the company’s upcoming electrified era. Nissan has previously said it’s going to introduce a production version of the Ariya, and Albaisa told us this concept is “really close to a real car.”

Source: Nissan design is about to get much more Japanese