Alpha Motors Goes Retro

The startup based in Irvine, CA is planning to offer all-electric vehicles as early as 2023. But the target date on their styling appears to be somewhere around 1972.

It’s hard not to see a little Alfa Romeo, ala Bertone, in the lines of the Ace. That plus the obvious wordplay with the name… well, it looks like a GTV to me. Looking past the aesthetics we find some satisfying numbers in the spec sheet. A rear wheel-drive chassis weighing 3500 pounds with a 0-60 time around 6 seconds sounds pretty good. Estimated range range of 250+ miles also looks appealing. According to Alpha the interior offers…

comfortable front seats for the driver and passenger, along with compact rear seats for occasional storage. Its interior architecture optimizes cabin space through a seamless and fluid construction that reduces components without compromising ergonomic comfort or ease of use. Furthermore, a central display integrates user interface controls that can be synchronized or replaced with the user’s own electronic device. 

That sounds like a two-seater.

Their less sporty model is also a throwback design of the “cute box” variety. Dubbed an EUV (electric utility vehicle) the ICON might be described as a sleeker Nissan Cube. To be fair, it looks to be a versatile vehicle which could appeal to families and businesses alike.

Alpha aims to deliver a compelling and completely new electric vehicle experience to consumers beginning as early as 2023. The company plans a significant product unveiling in early 2021.

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