Google’s Free Mini Offer

Buyers of the new Pixel 2 smartphones will be getting a free Mini smart speaker to round out their connected home. The bundle serves to leverage the advantage Google has over Amazon’s speaker-only offerings.

Today’s Google event was a non-stop two hour deluge of Assistant news. Yet one small, overlooked announcement may have been the biggest bit boost to the company’s burgeoning AI ecosystem so far. The simple decision to include a Home Mini in early Pixel 2 shipments could prove a more successful method for spreading the Assistant…

via The Pixel 2/Home Mini bundle is a big deal for Google Assistant — TechCrunch


Solar-Powered Boombox

Even in a world without wires we still have to plug into the grid. Bummer.

Rujus Solar Bluetooth Sound SystemBut now you can get the party started without the hassle of wires or power cords! This clever device is the Eton Rukus Solar, a Bluetooth speaker system with a built-in solar panel charger.

According to Eton the batteries run for about 8 hours and a full recharge takes about 6. To make the info panel easy to read in sunlight (and suck less juice) the display uses rugged E Ink technology- like a Kindle. A mesh pocket on the side nestles your MP3 player or mobile device while a nearby USB port can even provide it a recharge. There’s also a non-solar model if you can’t afford the extra bucks required to get off the grid.

So all you need to do now is decide whether you want it in green, black or white!

Um… I’d like green, please.

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New SiriusXM Radio Stores Music

SiriusXM Introduces the Lynx Portable Radio, the First SiriusXM 2.0 Radio that Offers New Features and Expanded Channel Lineup via Satellite and Internet

The satellite radio provider calls Lynx the most advanced radio ever, able to receive the new expanded SiriusXM 2.0 channel lineup of commercial-free music, sports, and comedy. Plus it offers a flexible architecture allows for new features and capabilities to be added through software updates. Continue reading “New SiriusXM Radio Stores Music”