Piaggio Brings Autonomous Mobility To Everyone

Piaggio is best known as the chic Italian company that builds scooters like the Vespa. An offshoot of this company, Piaggio Fast Forward, has been working on a somewhat different kind of two-wheeled motorized vehicle: a robot known as Gita that follows you around and carries your stuff. Science fiction is about to become a reality when the Gita goes on sale next month.


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Cheap Shirt for Rocket Scientists

What are you? Some kind of rocket scientist?!?

NASA? No, just a nerd.Here’s the perfect t-shirt for your nerdy friends that think they’re a freaking rocket scientist. Or for your friends that really are! The awesome NASA logo is hacked with the word “nerd” in such a clever way. Can you say double take?

And the best part is it’s only a measly eleven bucks!

Slide rule not included.

Nerd Nerd

Psh, what are you, like, a rocket scientist? Oh, you are? Sorry.