Not Just a Whisk

Build a better whisk and the world will… um, separate egg yolks?

zhang-whiskThe Whisk’ from Ivan Zhang not only includes an apostrophe in the name- it can separate egg yolks.

Clever design allows the utensil to perform its usual duty as a whisk plus as an egg separator. The ergonomic handle is designed to make it easy to hold and prevent the tool from rolling.



Steam Punk Espresso Maker

Looking for the ultimate espresso maker?

Speedster-Espresso-MakerHere’s a behemoth called the Speedster by Kees van der Westen. The chrome-plated beauty is a gearhead’s dream– complicated, aerodynamic, an homage to the complexity of modern life. Um… well, maybe. It’s essentially the antithesis of the simple Presso coffee maker we featured back in October.

This steam punk machine will set you back just under $8,000. But it includes a free T-shirt.

Maybe you’d prefer a more modest espresso maker?

Forecast: Wine Showers

Cheap Plonk Never Tasted So Good.

On Glass Aerator

Wine snobs insist that wine must breathe to achieve a proper taste. To this end a vast array of contraptions and protocols have been devised to aerate your favorite vino. These rituals are usually bulky, messy and/or seem to take all weekend. Most of us just don’t have time for all that fuss. Besides- how much better can it really taste?

Then we were introduced to the Wine Shower.

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Hot Java in Style

This clever looking device is not a torture tool. It’s a non-electric espresso coffee maker.

Presso claims this is the most environmentally friendly coffee maker available. Learn more at