Farewell Cloud Print

Network Switch

Let’s all shed a collective tear for another wonderful Google feature meeting its demise. As if 2020 wasn’t bad enough… Google Cloud Print goes away December 31st.

Like Picasa, Hangouts and Reader before it, the remote printing solution will be sorely missed. Cloud Print was a staple for IT, educators and a core of die hard users who enjoyed the simplicity of a secure remote printing solution. Sure, there are alternatives. You can explore options for replacing Cloud Print with one of these Google printing partner’s services:

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Powerful Little Backups

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides protection against blackouts and brownouts. In this age of tablets and laptops the modern office seldom comes equipped with a battery backup device. Most of us are lucky to get a power strip with a surge protector.

The need for a UPS still exists. Small power supplies to protect modems, routers, NAS devices and DVRs are now available. These devices have a low current draw so they don’t need those large bricks like a CPU require.

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Clever Ideas, 2017 Edition

Fast Company magazine offered their top ten of 2017’s most clever tech ideas. From smarter photo sharing to the ongoing AI wars— there was a lot going this year.


For all the tech industry’s talk of changing the world, sometimes the best innovations aren’t particularly dramatic. They’re ideas that are small—but so clever that they seem obvious in hindsight. They improve the products we already use in ways we can immediately appreciate.

Big breakthroughs and splashy new products tend to get all the attention; for once, here’s a tribute to the small-scale innovations that are just as important.
The 10 Cleverest Tech Ideas Of 2017

What are your favorite tech innovations of 2017?