Amazon Goes Big: Kindle Oasis

Amazon attempts to reimagine their venerable e-reader.

The upcoming Kindle Oasis begins shipping April 27th with a retail price of $289.99. If that sounds expensive for a 6″ tablet that only displays e-books… well, you’re right. Amazon hopes you’ll find the new Oasis to be the perfect companion for their Kindle Unlimited plan.

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New mPro Dock Rocks

For years iBolt has been our go-to choice for vehicle docks. Their latest offering raises the bar once again!

iBoltDesigned for most devices equipped with a Micro USB charging port, the new mPro Car Dock features an integrated charger and NFC convenience to launch your favorite driving app. It also includes the iBolt super-sticky suction cup that somehow leaves no goo on the windshield). Continue reading