Instant Video

Shoot and Share Camcorders

Flip Video MinoHD Video Camera with Advanced Accessory Kit (Black, 2 Hours)It’s never been easier to share video with the world. New video cameras that fit in the palm of your hand allow bloggers and newshounds to publish HD video immediately– almost as it happens.

These cameras allow you to easily move footage without the need for disks or media, and some even do the uploading for you. Here’s a helpful video primer from our friends at B & H on some of the standout products available in this product niche.

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Helmet View Live

Contour POV Cam Offers Live Streaming

Contour has introduced a new live streaming feature via wired or wireless networks.


The Contour+ Helmet Camcorder just got better! Introducing live streaming with Cerevo. Cerevo LiveShell is a small, portable, battery powered, USTREAM compatible device. The Contour+ connects to the LiveShell via its HDMI port and allows you to broadcast live video to the web via wireless or wired networks.

The Cerevo LiveShell is a battery-powered USTREAM compatible device. The Contour+ connects to the LiveShell via its HDMI port and allows users to broadcast live video to the web via wireless or wired networks. This allows you to share your action shots with anyone- anywhere and everywhere.

This is the coolest feature since the mobile apps Contour offers to facilitate live preview, settings, etc. These features, along with the compact and ergonomic design, has kept the Contour at the top of our list for POV cameras. While the GoPro is the most popular in this segment, we still find the Contour easier to live with on a day-to-day basis.

Photon Phone Perfect for Some Users

..and not so great for others.

We’ve been playing with Motorola’s latest Android smartphone for about two weeks now. What we’ve found is a powerful package with lots of geeky features, but lacking in a couple of very important areas.

The Motorola MB855 Photon 4G is an Android-powered phone for the Sprint network (also known as the Electrify if purchased through U.S. Cellular). Under the hood it features a dual-core processor with 1 gig of RAM, 2 gig of ROM and 16 gig of on-board storage. Power is provided by a removable 1700 mAh battery- that means you can yak constantly for up to 10 hours. The Photon was officially released August 2011.

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New SD Memory from San Disk

News from the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show


Today at CES we saw the new SanDisk Extreme SDXC UHS-I Memory Card. The  card is designed to help imaging enthusiasts shoot like the pros, with the speed and capacity needed to capture not only high-quality videos but also high-resolution RAW+JPEG photos, which can reach upto 30 megabytes in size.

“Consumer video capture is driving user-generated content creation,” said Chris Chute, researchmanager, worldwide digital imaging solutions, IDC. “This is the first year that more than half of all video captured will be in HD,and that number is set to reach nearly 80 percent in 2014. This trend highlights the need for memory cards that are fast enough to handle a massive data flow while offering enough capacity to store the resulting files.”

Suggested retail is $199 for the 64 gig card or $399 for the 128 gig version.