Into the Aether

Chasing WinterAether offers sportswear for the outdoor enthusiast who wants function without sacrificing modern design and aesthetics.

When Aether decided to show off how functional their ski stuff and motorcycle jackets really are they decided to do it by motorcycle. The video, Chasing Winter combines two passions: motorcycles and skiing. Continue reading “Into the Aether”

Mobile Web: Autobahn Style

BMW-hotspot-LTEToday buying a new car can often feel more like a computer upgrade. Bluetooth, USB, voice commands and GPS have now become part of the automotive shopping experience.

BMW have introduced a new gadget that may point the way to a more universal approach for car connectivity. The Car Hotspot LTE is a 4G device that docks inside your new BMW’s console. Up to eight mobile devices can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or NFC (near field communication). Available now in Europe, the technology should be arriving in U.S. models later this year.

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