Tesla Lowers Model X Prices

It just keeps getting better!

Tesla has lowered the entry-level price of the Model X SUV, from $82,500 to $79,500. The $3,000 price drop is the result of improved margins for the electric vehicle, which the company achieved thanks to “efficiencies” achieved in the manufacturing process, Reuters reports. Tesla’s Model X and Model S sales performance were areas of key…

via Tesla lowers Model X base price due to improved margins — TechCrunch

Gone in 90 Seconds

Tesla Unveils New Battery Swap Stations

Tesla Model SNew battery swap-out stations will be popping up along California highways if Tesla has its way. The electric automobile pioneer claims the public stations can perform two battery swaps in the same amount of time a gasoline-powered car can fill its tank. Continue reading “Gone in 90 Seconds”