You’ve Got the Power

Car chargers leave you feeling flat?

over9000 Compact 2.1 Amp USB Car Power Adapter

Most generic USB chargers that plug into a cigarette lighter outlet put out a measly half an amp. The over9000 compact USB charger provides up to 2.1 amp output! Of course your device will only draw the power it needs to charge properly- so use it for everything. You can safely connect any 5 volt chargeable device to this USB adapter.

  • Charge your mobile device in your car with this adapter
  • Works with your own USB cable
  • Ultra low profile design with easy pull handle
  • Built in smart chip spoofs a data line connection for devices that do not allow 3rd party chargers
  • Smart Chip monitors both the charger and connected device for safe charging
  • Front power switch with blue LED
  • DC input: 12v
  • DC output: 5v @ 2.1 amps – can temporarily spike to 3.0 amps
  • Compatibility: Standard size USB port for charging smartphones (iPhone & Android!), tablets, mobile phones, cameras, mp3 players, and various other USB chargeable devices

It really is the ultimate USB power adapter!

Charge the Phone, Tame the Cable

Charging cables are quickly becoming a nuisance. You never have one where or when you need it. We all have a dozen around the house- if we could just find one.

That’s why I was fascinated with this clever idea from a company best known for irritating battery commercials. The Energizer Premium USB Wall Charger plugs into a standard wall socket to provide 5 watt power via two standard USB ports AND a place to stow the cord.

Duh! This clever design from Energizer keeps unruly cables in their place while allowing you to charge two devices. Simple but brilliant!

For under $20 my life has been simplified. Now that’s a bargain.

Smart Outlet

Here’s a clever idea that we think should become a new standard for residential wiring.

The USB Wall Plug adds two handy computer plugs to the standard 110 volt wall receptacle. Now you can charge any phone, MP3 player, tablet, laptop or electrical device that uses the common USB connector. Spiffy!

Replaces the standard household wall outlet. And get this- it’s made in the U.S.A. When’s the last time you heard that referring to anything electronic?

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